Manufacture of steel wagon parts for freight transport, railcars and wagonsManufacture of steel wagon parts for freight transport, railcars and wagons

Steel & Rail Car Parts Manufacturing


CadRI is not only a leader in remanufacturing and repair; our division—Prime Railway Services—fabricates rail car parts for Class I and Class II railroads, shortline, regional, and industrial rail. Depended on by businesses across North America, our steel and railcar fabrication division is committed to the highest quality and safety standards, attentive client service, and customizable solutions.

Coaming steel rail car parts
Snowplow Pilots
Full rail services parts distribution
Full rail services Wheel Rack

An extensive portfolio

We manufacture and distribute rail car components for a full range of product categories. These include:

- Handrails
- Sliding doors and parts
- Multi-level deck parts
- Inter-model parts
- Gondola parts
- Tie-down parts
- Diesel parts (including snowplows)
- Ladders, handholds, and sill steps
- Yard parts

Fully customizable part manufacturing

In addition to the products featured in our vast catalogue, we also manufacture tailor-made steel and rail car parts based on unique client needs and specifications. We’ve been commissioned for several outside-the-box solutions, so if you have special project in mind, let us know what you’re looking for. We’ll work with you to design and fabricate the accessory you need.

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