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2020 - CARS Innovation Award

2020 - CARS Innovation Award


CadRI was awarded the innovation award by the Canadian Association of Railway Suppliers (CARS) during the association's recent annual conference which took place on November 4, 2020.  The award recognizes the innovation of the side sill replacement design on Bombardier bi-level cars that CadRI has developed during the refurbishment of these cars in order to safeguard this fleet for Metrolinx.


The side sill replacement program was initially developed by CadRI in 2016, and the bi-level refurbishment program with Metrolinx is coming to an end begining of 2021.  In the interim 4 years of in-service testing and monitoring, CadRI has fully validated that the side sill replacement program is truly a cost effective and safe way to significantly extend the useful life of a bi-level coach.  The success of this program was recently recognized by a Transit Authority in the USA, and CadRI is currently in the process of repeating the side sill replacement program for that Transit Authority’s own bi-level fleet.  We hope to do the same for the other 12 Bombardier bi-level coach users in North America.